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Fall Rifle/Pistol Range

As Club member hunters come to the ranges to sight in their deer guns, keep in mind the 50

yard pistol range can be used, as well as the 50/100/300 yard rifle range.

The rifle range has a 50 yard, 100 yard, and 300 yard target stands/berms. For most of you, the

50 yard and 100 yard target stands will suffice for sighting in your deer guns. Use the 50 yard

berm to get your gun on target, then advance to the 100 yard target stands to complete your

gun zeroing. Once your gun is grouping at both 50 and 100 yards, your hunting skills, and

maybe a little luck, will determine your success this season.

As the rifle range gets busier, the 50 yard pistol range can also be used to get your rifle or

shotgun on target. For some of you, that may be all you need to confirm your gun is still zeroed

for your deer hunting this season.

Use the rifle and pistol ranges safely. For those of you prepping for your hunt, good luck.

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