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Kimball Rod and

Gun Club

9837 Willow Creek Rd

PO Box 111

Kimball, MN 55353


Changes for 2023 Memberships

Posted on 10 December, 2022 at 13:25

Message to 2023 Kimball Rod & Gun Club members.


At the December 2022 Club meeting, a couple changes for 2023 were voted upon. We now have Individual and Family Memberships. In addition, to cover increased operating expenses, our annual Membership dues will be slightly higher than 2022.


Annual Memberships (January – December), Individuals 18 years and older:


Individual Membership – $60 for NRA members, $95 for non-NRA members.

Family Membership – $75 for NRA members, $110 for non-NRA members.


”Family” is defined as the Member, his/her Spouse, Life Partner, or Significant Other, and minor children residing in the Member's household. Other household individuals 18 years and older must have their own membership.


For 2023, Rifle & Pistol Ranges are MEMBER USE ONLY. It was also decided that the past practice of allowing Members to bring ONE adult non-member shooting guest to the Rifle & Pistol Ranges will no longer be allowed.


Historically, allowing ONE adult shooting guest was intended to be a one-time event, with hopes that that one visit would introduce a non-member to the Club and its ranges, and result in a new Club Member thereafter. With that thought, we still want to encourage new Club membership. As such, it was decided to not totally close that door. Non-shooting guest(s) can still be shown the Ranges anytime during range hours, and . . .


An adult non-member shooter can be your guest under the following conditions: Only on days when the Clubhouse is manned (i.e. end of April – most of August, Sundays 1-4pm, Mondays & Thursdays 6-9pm) a guest can be brought to the Clubhouse where they must accept the terms of, and sign off on our Club Waiver. The guest can then be taken to shoot on the ranges. This is a one-time opportunity for that individual to utilize our ranges as a non-member, with the hope that they will become a member.


As a Member using the Rifle & Pistol Ranges, you may be randomly asked to present your membership card. As such, please have it with you at the Ranges. And to avoid arriving at the Ranges only to find them closed for a Club activity or Cowboy event, please check the Club's calendar page. Note that Rifle & Pistol Range use is no longer limited or closed during the Cowboys' monthly 2nd and 5th Saturday shoots. Ricochets occur! Position all targets in line-of-sight with berms to minimize any ricochets, and be aware that ricochets could also come from the Cowboys' shoots.


As a side note, Granite City Gunslingers is a Single Action Shooting Society Club located at Kimball Rod & Gun Club. As an Individual Member of KRGC, you can explore cowboy action shooting and become a member of Granite City Gunslingers at no additional cost. Learn more on the Granite City Gunslingers page.


Shoot safely.


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