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Kimball Rod and

Gun Club

9837 Willow Creek Rd

PO Box 111

Kimball, MN 55353



Posted on 12 October, 2021 at 18:15

An updated message to members who use the Club's rifle and pistol ranges:


Don't be the next member to have membership revoked for unsafe shooting practices!


2020 was a busy year at the rifle and pistol ranges. Our three ranges continue to get significant use. Safety is a requirement. Elimination of ricochets is necessary.


Our ranges continue to be a luxury. Members can and do use these ranges 12 months a year. Except for a couple days each month, these three ranges are open for daytime use.

Our new gate limiting access to the Rifle/Pistol Ranges for members in good standing is in place and working. Range hours have been changed and posted to eliminate shooting after dusk. A 50 yard berm has been added to the Rifle Range to eliminate the need to put targets on the ground for intermediate distance rifle shooting. The heightened berm between the Rifle Range and Cowtown is in place, and will allow 100 yard Rifle Range use during most Cowtown events. (However, at this time we don't consider it safe to walk or drive to the 300 yard target during Cowboy events.)


But we continue to have ricochet issues, currently at the Pistol Ranges. Ricochets occur as a result of individuals improperly putting targets on the ground midway down any range, so the bullets do not stop in the berms. Range rules mandate placement of targets resulting in berm impact.


The Club Board continues to be concerned, and discuss safety issues related to the rifle and pistol range ricochets. Ideas considered include:


• Shortening the 50 yard Pistol Range, believing it would force shooters to position all targets close to the berm, so all bullets land in the berm.

• Requiring a Range Safety Officer on site, ultimately limiting range hours and usage.

At this time, the Rifle and Pistol Ranges continue to be self-monitored. Don't have your membership revoked because of improper target placement resulting in ricochets! Place your targets so that all your shooting sends bullets into the berms. If you need to, place targets at the berm and move forward from the shooting bays to assure berm impact. Your sight line must end in a berm.


The issue of ricochets will be addressed again at the November Club meeting. Action will likely be taken.


Remember that Club membership runs 12 months, from January through December. To avoid the disappointment of finding the ranges closed, check the Club's calendar before heading to the Club. Shoot safely, enjoy the sport, and enjoy your club.



Bob Schmelzer

Rifle Range Committee


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