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Kimball Rod and

Gun Club

9837 Willow Creek Rd

PO Box 111

Kimball, MN 55353


Message to Range Members

Posted on 7 January, 2021 at 8:45

A message to members who use the Club's rifle and pistol ranges:


2020 was a very busy year at the rifle and pistol ranges. Our three ranges got more use and continue to be heavily used even though deer season is over and winter is upon us.


Our ranges are truly a luxury. Members can use these ranges 12 months per year. Except for a couple days each month, these three ranges are open for daytime use. Access is plowed in the winter. And these ranges are currently self-monitored! At this time it is you members who “police” the ranges. It is up to you to honor range rules, use the ranges safely, keep them clean, respect fellow range users, etc. As a Club member in good standing you are allowed to bring one non-member guest and you are responsible for the conduct of you and your guest.


With the ranges getting more use in 2020, we have had some issues. Non-members (trespassers) have been asked to leave and not come back. Shooting has occurred after dusk. Pistol target frames have been shot as targets. Ricochets occur as a result of individuals putting targets on the ground midway down the rifle range.


As a Club, we have discussed issues related to the rifle and pistol ranges.


• We have considered only allowing range use when a Range Safety Officer is on site. This would greatly change range hours and usage. At this time, we decided to continue allowing members to self-monitor, with random monitoring by Club members who may ask to see proof of current membership.

• Range hours for 2021 are 8:00am to ONE HOUR before sunset. NO SHOOTING AFTER DARK – NO EXCEPTIONS!

• A second locking gate will be added at the creek. It is expected that members will keep this gate closed and locked, even when at the range shooting. Your current membership card will have the gate code.

• A 50 yard berm will be added to the rifle range this year.

• We are planning to heighten the berm between the rifle range and CowTown. When complete, monthly Cowboy activities will not limit rifle range use.

• Trash which includes spent casings, used targets, etc has been left at the range. If you bring it with you, bring it home with you. Pick up after yourself.


Remember that Club membership is good for the calendar year, from January through December. For now enjoy but don't abuse the Club ranges. To avoid the disappointment of finding the ranges closed, check the Club's calendar before heading to the Club.




Bob Schmelzer

Rifle Range Committee


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