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Kimball Rod and

Gun Club

9837 Willow Creek Rd

PO Box 111

Kimball, MN 55353


Welcome to the Kimball Rod and Gun Club News Page!

Come to this page for any up to date information.

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Dennis Serbus Memorial Shoot

Posted on 30 July, 2022 at 0:15


Posted on 12 October, 2021 at 18:15

An updated message to members who use the Club's rifle and pistol ranges:


Don't be the next member to have membership revoked for unsafe shooting practices!


2020 was a busy year at the rifle and pistol ranges. Our three ranges continue to get significant use. Safety is a requirement. Elimination of ricochets is necessary.


Our ranges continue to be a luxury. Members can and do use these ranges 12 months a year. Except for a couple days each month, these three ranges are open for daytime use.

Our new gate limiting access to the Rifle/Pistol Ranges for members in good standing is in place and working. Range hours have been changed and posted to eliminate shooting after dusk. A 50 yard berm has been added to the Rifle Range to eliminate the need to put targets on the ground for intermediate distance rifle shooting. The heightened berm between the Rifle Range and Cowtown is in place, and will allow 100 yard Rifle Range use during most Cowtown events. (However, at this time we don't consider it safe to walk or drive to the 300 yard target during Cowboy events.)


But we continue to have ricochet issues, currently at the Pistol Ranges. Ricochets occur as a result of individuals improperly putting targets on the ground midway down any range, so the bullets do not stop in the berms. Range rules mandate placement of targets resulting in berm impact.


The Club Board continues to be concerned, and discuss safety issues related to the rifle and pistol range ricochets. Ideas considered include:


• Shortening the 50 yard Pistol Range, believing it would force shooters to position all targets close to the berm, so all bullets land in the berm.

• Requiring a Range Safety Officer on site, ultimately limiting range hours and usage.

At this time, the Rifle and Pistol Ranges continue to be self-monitored. Don't have your membership revoked because of improper target placement resulting in ricochets! Place your targets so that all your shooting sends bullets into the berms. If you need to, place targets at the berm and move forward from the shooting bays to assure berm impact. Your sight line must end in a berm.


The issue of ricochets will be addressed again at the November Club meeting. Action will likely be taken.


Remember that Club membership runs 12 months, from January through December. To avoid the disappointment of finding the ranges closed, check the Club's calendar before heading to the Club. Shoot safely, enjoy the sport, and enjoy your club.



Bob Schmelzer

Rifle Range Committee


150 Bird Event Results

Posted on 22 August, 2021 at 22:20

Dennis Serbus Memorial 150 Bird Resutls:

Name 16 yd Handicap Doubles Wobble Skeet Total

1. Cody Mjoness 25 18 40 24 23 130 $100

2. Mark Jelkin 24 21 42 20 21 128 $60

3. K C Hetzel 25 23 22 21 36 127

4. Tony Steffein 22 21 41 23 18 125

5. Rob Kuechle 22 18 45 21 17 123

6. Matt Foley 24 22 37 23 16 122

7. Ryan Magnusson 21 19 42 25 14 121

8. Gary Tintes 22 24 34 24 16 120 $100

9. Brian Magnusson 22 17 37 23 19 118 $60

10. Douglas Brandburg 24 13 42 22 17 118

11. Bob Schmelzer 17 23 39 18 19 116

12. Mark Peters 20 19 23 21 32 115

13. Kris Broda 23 21 16 20 32 112

14. Steve Golla 24 20 34 16 18 112 $100

15. Kurt Bowman 23 15 37 23 12 110 $60

16. Mike Lee 22 14 33 22 19 110

17. Lance Klersy 20 18 34 19 17 108

18. Ethan Lee 23 18 17 15 34 107

19. Chuck Serbus 17 20 31 20 18 106

20. Dan Klatt 23 17 37 17 11 105

21. Jay Winkelman 18 21 36 22 6 103 $100

22. Lonnie Hendricks 20 18 26 22 16 102 $60

23. Curt Lindenfelser 17 17 14 20 33 101

24. Joe Klersy 22 18 28 21 12 101

25. Lefty 19 13 28 18 20 98

26. Roy Winkelman 20 15 31 20 12 98

27. Tornado 21 11 27 19 19 97 $100

28. BioBob 17 19 26 21 12 95 $60

29. Logan Lee 22 14 23 18 18 95

30. Russ Eisenschenk 18 13 30 22 7 90

31. Caresse Mjoness 20 14 24 13 13 84

32. Ryan Serbus 21 12 24 15 11 83

33. Lisa Kuechle 12 14 25 14 11 76


Dennis Serbus Memorial Shoot

Posted on 20 July, 2021 at 19:35

High School Trap

Posted on 8 February, 2021 at 0:05

ROCORI and Kimball High School Trap teams call the Kimball Rod and Gun Club home. This spring both teams are planning on having a season. This year it will be a modified season that will abide by Covid regulations per the MN Clay Target League. 

If you have a child that is in 7-12 grade and is interested in the upcoming spring season you can visit for more info.

Registration is starting now. You can also contact both area coaches:

KHS Trap Team: Robert Kuechle 320-492-5662 or [email protected]

ROCORI Trap Team: Gene Reitmeier 320-249-5902 or [email protected]

Message to Range Members

Posted on 7 January, 2021 at 8:45

A message to members who use the Club's rifle and pistol ranges:


2020 was a very busy year at the rifle and pistol ranges. Our three ranges got more use and continue to be heavily used even though deer season is over and winter is upon us.


Our ranges are truly a luxury. Members can use these ranges 12 months per year. Except for a couple days each month, these three ranges are open for daytime use. Access is plowed in the winter. And these ranges are currently self-monitored! At this time it is you members who “police” the ranges. It is up to you to honor range rules, use the ranges safely, keep them clean, respect fellow range users, etc. As a Club member in good standing you are allowed to bring one non-member guest and you are responsible for the conduct of you and your guest.


With the ranges getting more use in 2020, we have had some issues. Non-members (trespassers) have been asked to leave and not come back. Shooting has occurred after dusk. Pistol target frames have been shot as targets. Ricochets occur as a result of individuals putting targets on the ground midway down the rifle range.


As a Club, we have discussed issues related to the rifle and pistol ranges.


• We have considered only allowing range use when a Range Safety Officer is on site. This would greatly change range hours and usage. At this time, we decided to continue allowing members to self-monitor, with random monitoring by Club members who may ask to see proof of current membership.

• Range hours for 2021 are 8:00am to ONE HOUR before sunset. NO SHOOTING AFTER DARK – NO EXCEPTIONS!

• A second locking gate will be added at the creek. It is expected that members will keep this gate closed and locked, even when at the range shooting. Your current membership card will have the gate code.

• A 50 yard berm will be added to the rifle range this year.

• We are planning to heighten the berm between the rifle range and CowTown. When complete, monthly Cowboy activities will not limit rifle range use.

• Trash which includes spent casings, used targets, etc has been left at the range. If you bring it with you, bring it home with you. Pick up after yourself.


Remember that Club membership is good for the calendar year, from January through December. For now enjoy but don't abuse the Club ranges. To avoid the disappointment of finding the ranges closed, check the Club's calendar before heading to the Club.




Bob Schmelzer

Rifle Range Committee


150 Bird Event

Posted on 23 August, 2020 at 20:40

Results from our 150 bird event held on Aug 23rd at the Dennis Serbus Memorial Shoot: (tie breakers were determined by doubles score, then wobble score)

Class 1:

  1. Mark Jelkins (136)
  2. Casey Hetzel (135)
  3. Cody Mjoness (133)
  4. Bill Smith (132)
  5. Matt Foley (131)
  6. Gary Tintes (131)
Class 2:
  1. Brian Magnusson (130)
  2. Charlie Serbus (125)
  3. Lonnie Hendricks (121)
  4. Robert Kuechle (120)
  5. Doug Serbus (120)
  6. Kris Broda (120)
Class 3:
  1. Bob Schmelzer (120)
  2. Ryan Magnusson (117)
  3. Bob Boettcher (117)
  4. Doug Fisher (116)
  5. Drew Beck (114)
  6. Roy Winkelman (114)
Class 4: 
  1. Kurt Bowman (112)
  2. Brandon Kuechle (112)
  3. John Olson (110)
  4. Jon Scheer (108)
  5. Eric Hendricks (107)
  6. Riley Smith (105)
Class 5: 
  1. Katie Serbus (105)
  2. Caresse Mjoness (103)
  3. Jay Winkelman (102)
  4. Landon Winkelman (99)
  5. Rory Norgren (76)
  6. Lisa Kuechle (67)

DU Great MN Shoot

Posted on 20 August, 2020 at 16:20

Come join us for the DU Great MN Shoot on Sunday, August 30th, from 1-3 pm.

Dennis Serbus Memorial Shoot

Posted on 7 August, 2020 at 18:15

We are changing things up this year. We will be doing our annual 150 bird event. This will include 16 yd, handicap, doubles, wobble, and skeet. Will be broken up as a lewis class and prizes awarded. Registration between 11:30-1:30 pm. Shoot starts at 12:00 pm.


Afterwards, time permiting, we will shoot some fun lines. CASH Raffle will be drawn at 5:00 pm.


This year there will be no kitchen.

KRGC Opening Sunday April 26

Posted on 19 April, 2020 at 22:15

Kimball Rod & Gun Club will open on Sunday, April 26th from 1pm-4pm for trap and skeet shooting. Continue to distance from others 6 feet, avoid contact with others who are sick, and wash your hands frequently during this COVID outbreak. If you have any symptoms of upper respiratory illnesses like cough, fever, or sore throat, but not limited to those symptoms, please stay home. Those older than 65 years with underlying conditions should stay home and avoid situations where there is possible exposure.

The Clubhouse will be closed. There will be a window for individuals signing up to shoot and a separate line for membership sign up.

Please note, this is our normal opening day with the 18 week trap/skeet season. We will begin normal shooting hours 1pm-4pm on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays evenings from 6pm-9pm.

Memberships can be obtained at the clubhouse during these normal hours. Please print and sign waiver form that is on our website. Please bring signed waiver form to club to speed up process.


Trap Shooters:

Because of issues having meetings, we will postpone trap team captains meeting. Please email us or contact Bill Liedman, 320-398-5523, to let us know if you will be having a team this year and who will be on the team.

Skeet shooters:

We will once again have our 10 week season for $10. It will again be an individual league until we can get enough people to make teams. We plan on handicapping again this year and if we get enough shooters again we will have two brackets where to top shooters will be competing against each other and the newer or less experienced shooters will be shooting against each other. Your 10 rounds will need to be shot some time during 18 week trap season. Any rounds after the trap season closes will not be scored.  We will have a skeet league signup sheet available with the people running the clubhouse.



Stay tuned to any changes as they arise. Our facebook page will have the most up to date information.